Services - CASITRON

Front Office

A secure login to provides fine-grained access to the online Casitron Origination System. The system is integrated with CLAMS, allowing quick data upload that eliminates double entry.

Customizable data-entry screens are tailored to your company workflow. Integrated, customized documents can be generated in PDF and other file formats.


PPSA registrations can be completed, and is integrated with Equifax® for consumer and commercial credit reports. The system can also be integrated with a third party credit scoring or decisioning system. If you prefer to use a third party originations system, CLAMS can be interfaced with any front end system that can pass data in XML format.

Back Office

CLAMS is ideal for servicing all types of equipment and vehicle contracts; it handles leases, conditional sales, and loan contracts, and covers the entire process from booking and funding through contract management to contract termination.
CLAMS includes:


  • A fully integrated general ledger—most accounting is performed automatically, and financial statements can be produced at any time.
  • Annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly, twice a month, bi-weekly, weekly, and variable contract frequencies.
  • Interest rate buy downs, and buyout calculations.
  • Audit information for contracts, vendors, rep/brokers, PPSA, insurance, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, and assets.
  • Securitization facility that includes: discount reports, recording of discount information, and maintains a funder balance with each contract.
  • Integrated memos and customized correspondence items.
  • Cheque printing, including electronic signature and MICR encoding.

What we do

We provide a secure comprehensive lease/loan accounting solution for managing portfolios, tracking assets and handling accounts.

Why Choose CLAMS?

CLAMS provides a comprehensive lease/loan accounting solution for managing portfolios, tracking assets and handling accounts.

The Casitron Advantage

Casitron is a cloud based application service provider, thus eliminating the need for our clients to purchase expensive servers and infrastructure equipment.

Other Products and Features

Leveraging the versatility of the web, we created functionality to increase your efficiency. For example, Credit Gateway allows authorized users to request and view credit reports from Equifax.