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What we do


Casitron has developed a suite of products that are specifically designed for the Vehicle and Equipment Financing Industry. All aspects of contract management are accommodated, from origination and then accounting, to contract termination.
Because Casitron is an ASP (Application Service Provider): 


  • There is no need for you to buy expensive servers, or to purchase our software.
  • You require minimal hardware to use our products, and the setup is straight-forward.
  • We house your data, which is always available to you.
  • Your data is securely housed in a 24/7/365 high-security facility, and mirrored at our disaster-recovery site.
  • To further ensure the protection of your sensitive and critical data, backup tapes and disks are regularly transferred to and stored at a secure off-site storage facility.
CLAMS (Casitron's Lease/Loan Accounting and Management System) provides a comprehensive lease/loan accounting solution for managing portfolios, tracking assets and handling accounts. Here are just some of the features offered by CLAM...


  • Fully integrated general ledger
  • Leases, conditional sales, loans, and open-loan contracts
  • Annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly, twice a month, bi-weekly, weekly, and variable contract frequencies
  • Interest rate buy downs
  • Buyout quotations
  • Contract, vendor, rep/broker, PPSA, insurance, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, and asset audit information
  • Memos and correspondence
  • Cheque printing, including electronic signature and MICR encoding
  • Large range of standard reports
  • Customized programming