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CLAMS (Casitron's Lease/Loan Accounting and Management System) provides a comprehensive lease/loan accounting solution for managing portfolios, tracking assets and handling accounts.


CLAMS is capable of servicing all types of equipment and vehicle contracts and covers the entire process from origination to the end of the contract's life. Historical records are kept on file and never purged.


As soon as your data is loaded to CLAMS, transactions are immediately posted to the general ledger. Most of your accounting is performed automatically and you can print your financial statement at any time.

CLAMS is designed to be operated by all staff, including those not familiar with lease accounting practices.


The securitization facility in CLAMS includes: discounting reports, recording of discount information, while maintaining a funder balance with each contract.



CLAMS Features


  • Fully integrated general ledger
  • Leases, conditional sales, loans, and open-loan contracts
  • Annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly, twice a month, bi-weekly, weekly, and variable contract frequencies
  • Interest rate buy downs
  • Buyout quotations
  • Contract, vendor, rep/broker, PPSA, insurance, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, and asset audit information
  • Memos and correspondence
  • Cheque printing, including electronic signature and MICR encoding
  • Large range of standard reports
  • Customized programming


... And many other features